Monday, March 14, 2011

Potion Perks Club

Starting in April, we will be offering our new Potion Perks Club Discount Card. With this Discount Card, you can save up to an additional 30% off your Enchanted Potions purchases for a full year, receive special offers and coupons throughout the year and enjoy Free Shipping specials! This discount is above and beyond our already amazing luxury prices! The discount does not apply to gift certificates.

Select one of the three Perk Programs to match your Bath, Body and Home Scent shopping style:
  • Potion Perks Bronze Club: $10 for a one year membership! The Bronze plan is perfect for personal use customers! Keep your favorite Enchanted Potions products on hand while enjoying special deals, coupons, free shipping specials and 10% off any order you place..all year long!

  • Potion Perks Silver Club: $20 for a one year membership! Our Silver Plan is for that personal use customer with some extra bodies to keep clean and smelling great! Enjoy all the perks of our Bronze plan but enjoy 20% off any orders you place. You’ll also get an extra surprise during your birthday month!

  • Potion Perks Gold Club: $30 for a one year membership! Our Gold Plan is for not only our personal use customers but our personal use customers that love to give the gift of luxury throughout the year. Gold Members enjoy all the Bronze and Silver perks plus 30% off any order placed throughout the year!

** Use of the card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the club membership agreement when issued and may be amended at any time without notice. The Discount Card is not a credit card. **

What better time to shop than now! Visit and have fun shopping!

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