Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Product Review by The Cinnamon Hollow

We had the pleasure of having our great friend Crystal Martin from The Cinnamon Hollow try out some of our Bath & Body Products. She posted a review of our products on her blog The Cinnamon Hollow Bloggin'. I wanted to share the wonderful things she had to say. Here is her review:

Delightfully Enchanting!
Ok, so we were sent some of the most wonderful items to test from my great new friend Yuki, a representative for Enchanted Potions and owner of The Cuddly Crew.

*4oz Starlight Vanilla Honey Skin Revitalizer (reg price: $4.50)
*4oz Eucalyptus Solar Sea Salt (reg price: $4.00)
*4 oz Cosmic Body Lotion in Pink Sugar (type) Fragrance (reg price: $3.50)
*4 oz Smelly Jelly Air Freshener In Citrus Julep Fragrance (reg price: $3.50)
*Dryer Sachet in Angel Wings Fragrance(reg price: $2.00)
*And a little Hugs and Kisses Soap sample in Pink Sugar fragrance for my daughter!

The Starlight Vanilla Honey Skin Revitalizer is some of the most AMAZING bath goodness I have ever had the pleasure of trying. When you get ready to use it, you need to shake it up because it will be separated and look like lotion on the top and honey in the bottom. Shake it up to re-mix (easy peasy) and pour a little into your running bath water just like you would a bubble bath. Slide into the tub (careful, it's slippery) and soak up the delectable goodness. Oh my gosh I am NOT kidding. My legs were so soft and silky. You are literally taking soak in lotion (combined with other goodies of course)! What could be better than that?!?!?!

Nothing, I say! And the scent is so light and pleasant. It doesn't overpower your senses, so you can just sit and relax. Sooooooo good!

Eucalyptus Solar Sea Salt
Ok, I did NOT get to test this in the bath yet. :0(We were in the process of moving and I packed it in the wrong box and didn't find it until today so it is going into testing on Wednesday and I will report back here next week.

Cosmic Body Lotion in Pink Sugar (type) Fragrance
Anything that smells like Cotton Candy has to be good right? This lotion was no exception. It is light and rubs in wonderfully. The fragrance is strong enough to last all day without triggering my migraines and that is one HUGE plus in my book. Silky and smooth and left my skin soft. This lotion rubbed in very easily and didn't leave my hands feeling greasy. It contains a lot of extracts like honey, lemon, etc. As a reviewer, I do have to mention that it does have methylparaben and propylparaben (common preservatives) which some naturalists veer away from for various and understandable reasons, but in my testing it performed extremely well. A definite thumbs up on the lotion.

Smelly Jelly Air Freshener In Citrus Julep Fragrance
YUMMY! I got a SERIOUS craving for those little Orange Slices Candies after smelling this. You know, the ones that are like a jelly bean only covered in granulated sugar? Yup! Smells just like it with a hint of julep goodness. I didn't hold up well in our new house which is rather open and quite spacious but in our old house, which is smaller, it scented the room quite nicely. I am going to place it in the bathroom and give it another good testing because I have a feeling it will work wonderfully in there. I could definitely smell it when I passed by or if it was placed near a ceiling fan or air vent, but in the new house, it just had a little trouble holding up to the size of the rooms. Check back when we post the Sea Salt review because I am re posting on this as well!!!

Dryer Sachet in Angel Wings Fragrance
OOOHHHHHH These things are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I have been doing boo coos of laundry this week and let me tell ya, this sachet has been put to good use. The Angel Wings (type) scent has a soft and wonderful baby powder fragrance and when you put it in the dryer and it gets warm, it scents your laundry very nicely. Some of the clothes were already clean but just needed some refreshing so I threw them in on fluff with the sachet and they smell, 'like an angel' (no pun intended). Buy some of these, you'll LOVE them!!!! And $2 bucks is an awesome deal!

Hugs and Kisses Soap sample in Pink Sugar (type) fragrance
What can I say? Our daughter loves this soap! Not only does she get to smell like mommy in the Pink Sugar (type) fragrance but she has her very own little soap that she doesn't have to share with her brother! :0) Thank you so much Yuki for including her in the testing. This is a glycerin soap and one that actually lathers pretty well. Not to mention it is absolutely darling! It is a little round soap with an 'X and O' embedded inside. Smells great, lathers great and washes dirt and grime off my daughter and right down the drain!

Here is a little about Yuki and enchanted Potions including a SPECIAL OFFER!

1. How long have you been in business?
Enchanted Potions officially opened for business in 2000, but has been crafting luxurious bath & body products since 1997. I learned about Enchanted Potions and joined their distributor program in 2007.

2. What made you decide on the products you sell?
I wanted to start offering bath & body products and started researching the different companies out there. I liked the fact that Enchanted Potions offered so many different products and fragrances. Also the reps are all so passionate about the products and use them themselves. To me it says a lot if reps not only sell their products but are customers themselves. It was only $10 to join, and with that $10, you can choose any product to try out for yourself or as samples for customers.

3. Do you offer any specials or discounts?
Receive a FREE gift with every order. When you shop at the Cuddly Crew, you will receive a FREE 2oz. bottle of our Cosmic Body Lotion. Also, currently I am having a Summertime Savings Sale – save 15% off everything. There’s more info on my homepage –

4. Enchanted Potions offers a variety of bath and body products available in nearly 100 fragrances. Each item is 100% handcrafted using only the finest ingredients and includes a thorough inspection before leaving the facility. Our products are “custom” “made to order” fresh when the order is placed. Customers won’t get sent something that has been sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. We are proud to send freshly made bath and body products bursting with fragrance. Often when you receive your order, you can smell the fragrance through the box.

Once again I had the honor of testing some amazing products. Grab some bath-n-body goodies for Christmas, Holiday and Birthday gifts. There is something there for everyone!

Thank you Yuki!

Crystal Martin is a work at home mommy of 3, specializing in the advertising and marketing needs of fellow work @ home parents. She is the owner of The Cinnamon Hollow, &, and also finds time to do product reviews at Thank you Crystal for all your hard work!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Summer Olympics

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing great. The Olympics are in full swing, and if you are like me, you’ve been glued to the tv watching all the talented athletes compete for gold. Can you believe Michael Phelps’ amazing record-breaking gold-medal streak? Well, to honor the athletes from all over the world competing at the Olympics, (and since it’s my birthday month), I’ve decided to extend the Summertime Fun Sale.

Summertime Fun Sale

Save 15% off everything through the end of August when you shop at the Cuddly Crew.
Stop on by and
Shop now!

Discontinued Items and New Items Coming Soon

This is just a quick note to let you know about discontinued items. Sadly, we have a couple items that will no longer be available.

~ Items No Longer Available ~

* 12 Inch Keia Bear * 12 Inch Cubby Bear * 15 Inch Penguin *

~ New Items Coming Soon ~

* NEW 8 Inch Cream Bunny * NEW 8 Inch Brown Bear *

Product Showcase

In the spirit of the Olympics, we this month we are showcasing our Sports and USA theme outfits. Dress up all your furry friends in these cute outfits and dream of getting Gold!

Cheer on Team USA with these outfits
USA Short Set
USA Short Set
Price: $9.50

USA Tank & USA Tee
Price: $5.00 each
Tee available in 8” - $4.00

Dream about being the next Olympic Champion with these outfits
Boys Swim Trunk
Boys Swim Trunk
Swim to Golden Glory
like Michael Phelps
Price: $5.00
Gymnastics Outfit
Gymnastic Outfit
Be a graceful gymnist like
Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson
Price: $9.50
Slam-dunk your way to Gold
Price: $9.50
Available in 8” - $8.00
Karate Outfit
Karate Outfit
Be a Martial Arts master
Price: $9.50
Available in 8” - $8.00

Our Bath & Body Products are a luxurious way to pamper yourself. But did you know that our items are very versatile too? Check out our featured Bath & Body products that have other great uses to them!

Sun Burn Relief
Knight’s After Shave GelMaiden’s Soothing After Shave Gel
Aloe Vera and Chamomile or Lavender Essential Oils are great for sun burn relief. Try our Knights’s After Shave Gel or Maiden’s Soothing After ShaveGel to help soothe your skin after a little too much sun. Put it in the fridge for an extra cooling relief.
* Knight’s After Shave Gel 8oz - Price: $6.00
* Maiden’s Soothing After Shave Gel 8oz – Price: $6.00

Itch Relief
Solid Lotion BarSniffer Sticks
Under Eye Moisturizer

Cuticle Conditioning Stick
With summer comes itchy skin from annoying bug bites. Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil, or Patchouli can help relieve the itchiness. Try our Solid Lotion Bar in these scents. You can also try our Cold/Sinus Eucalyptus Sniffer Stick, Under Eye Moisturizer and Cuticle Conditioning Stick.
* Solid Lotion Bar - Price: $4.00
* Cold/Sinus Sniffer Stick - Price: $2.00
* Under Eye Moisturizer - Price: $2.50
* Cuticle Conditioning Stick - Price: 2.50

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

July Most Wanted Products and Scents

Here is our Most Wanted Products and Scent for July. See if your favorite is on the list.

1 Hula Hula (EP Original Scent!)
2. Pink Sugar (type)
3. Love Spell (type)
4. Cherry Almond
5. Downy Clean Breeze
6. Peppermint Essential Oil
7. Coconut Lime Verbena (type)
8. Cool Water (type)
9. Warm Vanilla Sugar (type)
10. Cotton Candy

1. Wee Sample Soap Bar
2. Cosmic Body Lotion - 2oz
3. Travelscents
4. Bath Fizzlers
5. Sniffer Sticks
6. Cosmic Body Spray - 2oz
7. Cosmic Body Lotion - 8oz
8. Cosmic Hand Gel - 2oz
9. Shea Butter Soap Bar
10. Scented Sachets tied with Shower Gel