Thursday, July 24, 2008

Traffic Exchanges

If you work at home or have your own business, getting your website or blog seen is very important. Traffic Exchanges are one way to market your business for free or on a low budget. With traffic exchanges, by viewing other members sites, you earn credits which put your website in front of other viewers. This helps get your site constantly in front of potential customers and helps build name/brand awareness. I want to share with you some of the traffic exchanges I use.

These first couple of traffic exchanges are geared more for moms, women, and work at home moms (and dads).

Shopping With Moms - Text, Banner, and Traffic Exchange Network. Promote your business. A fun way to go shopping online.

Really Smart Deals - Manual Traffic, Banner and Text Exchange. A niche site for shoppers and sellers, only allows auction stores, auction sites, shopping websites, affiliate programs related to shopping.

The Cinnamon Hollow - WAHM Traffic Exchange. A Free resource designed to bring your business traffic. There's surfing contests, website exposure, and a wonderful network of sites.

Sweet Shoppe Surf - Manual traffic with a sweet twist.

These other traffic exchanges have a general audience.

Ts25 traffic syndicate 25 - Show your website to thousands of potential customers and increase brand exposure and search engine ranking.
Teddies Traffic - Free manual traffic exchange. Your friend in the business.

TrafficSwarm - Targeted prospects will swarm your site 24/7! Just 5 minutes to set-up, it's automated, "viral" and proven - and best of all it's FREE! - Free web traffic and effective advertising.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Freebie - Yummy Soap Recipes

Soap making can be a fun activity for the whole family. Here are some wonderful soap recipes for you to try out. And if you need supplies, be sure to check out the Bath & Body section at the Cuddly Crew. Enjoy!

Lemon cheesecake soap loaf

250g transparent M&P
500g Opaque M&P
Lemon Scent
Yellow colouring
Oatmeal or Porridge Oats
1 x Medium sized Loaf mold (1 kilo capacity)

1. Melt white soap base and add a few drops of yellow coloring or powder until you get the right lemon color.
2. Add your fragrance
3. Pour into your mold and spray with alcohol to remove all bubbles
4. Allow to set
5. Melt your transparent soap base and add as much Oatmeal as the base will allow to still be ever so slightly runny
6. Spray your loaf again with alcohol before pouring/spreading the oatmeal mixture into your mold
7. Flatten off the top and allow to cool
8. Once it's turned out your loaf will look like a lemon cheesecake and smell divine. The oatmeal will be a great exfoliator too.

If you wanted to get fancy, you could add a third layer of white between the yellow and the oatmeal base, or even whip up your yellow base so it was fluffy.

Tea Tree and Linseed Soap Loaf

1 Kilo of Transparent Melt & Pour soap base
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Green Coloring
50g of Linseeds
1 x Medium sized Loaf mold (1 kilo capacity)
1 x Ready made bar of Dark Green M&P soap (use the basic recipe for melt and pour)

1. Divide your soap base into 3 equal parts
2. Melt one part with no added color or scent
3. Stir in your linseeds and pour into the mold
4. Spray with alcohol to remove bubbles
5. Allow to set
6. Melt your second part and add green coloring and your tea tree oil
7. Spray your mold with alcohol and pour in the green base
8. Allow to set
9. Grate up your bar of green soap
10. Melt your third part of base
11. Mix in the green grated shreds
12. Spray your mold with alcohol
13. Pour in to the mold

This mixture makes a really eye catching loaf and the linseeds are great for exfoliating while adding an interesting feature.

Banana Slice Soaps (Makes 4 bars)

150g Transparent Melt and Pour base
350g Opaque Melt and Pour base
Yellow coloring
Banana Scent
Dried Banana Chips
4 x soap bar molds (Square or rectangular)

1. Place your banana chips over the base of each mold. You should be able to fit in 3 or four of these. Make sure they are flat on the bottom and do not overlap or stick out.
2. Melt your clear base
3. Carefully pour in ever such a tiny amount of the base so as to just cover the chips.
4. Spray with alcohol to remove bubbles
5. Allow to set
6. Melt your opaque base and add your scent and yellow coloring until it is a nice banana color
7. Spray your molds with alcohol
8. Pour in and allow to set

When you turn these out the chips should be visible in a thin layer of clear on top of a lovely banana looking base. Great fun for kids and really popular at fairs. These are my biggest seller. You may need to adjust the amount of M&P you use depending on your mold size, but practice makes perfect.

If you are looking for some soap making supplies, be sure to visit our Bath & Body section or go directly to Enchanted Potions

Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Products and Redesigns Update

Exciting News!

We have some NEW additions to our furry friends collection and some new redesigned animals too! Check out our NEW outfits and animals.

New Products

15 Inch Heaven Dog
Price: $14.50

15 Inch Striped Cat
Price: $14.50

8 Inch Heaven Dog
Price: $8.00

8 Inch Striped Cat
Price: $8.00

8 Inch Husky
Price: $8.00

Camo Shorts and Shirt
Price: $9.50

Chica Musica Outfit
Price: $9.50

Girls Pink Poodle Outfit
Price: $9.50

New Redesigns

New Heart N Soul Bear

New Elephant

New Horse

New Lion

New Ming Ming

New White & Pink Unicorn

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer Time Fun Sale

Summer has just arrived! Shop for your summertime fun at the Cuddly Crew and Save 15% off everything, from adorable Lab Kits to our luxurious Butter Bars.

Summer is a time of BBQs and festivals. Looking for some fun activities for everyone? Gather up all the kids for a play date and have fun stuffing and dressing our adorable Lab Kits and Calico Cat Kits. Get your friends together for a Spa party and pamper yourself with our Cosmic Body Lotion and Mystical Bath Salts or soothe your skin after a day of sun with our After Sun Butter Bar. Check out our featured Bath & Body products you're sure to love!

After Sun Butter Bar
Massage a small amout over body immediately after sun exposure or bed tanning to revitalize dry, sun parched skin and lengthen the life of your tan.
Price: $4.50

Brown Sugar Body Scrub
Customers are surprised at first by the dry formulation of our delightfully exfoliating Brown Sugar Body Scrub but quickly realize what a wonderful treat for your skin it is! We combine the natural scrubbing power of Brown Sugar with skin nourishing natural Sweet Almond Oil for a blend that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. *Not recommended for use on the face.
Price: $5.50

Sniffer Sticks
Carry one with you while out and about so you can continue on with your day after a quick fix! Simply remove the lid and inhale deeply. Our Essential Oil Blends will wrap you in their healing power and cleanse your senses! Available in 4 Blends: Peppermint Essential Oil for Headaches/Migraines, Eucalyptus Blend for Cold/Sinuses, Lavender-Chamomile Blend for Insomnia or Cinnamon to help curb cravings and assist you with sticking to your diet!
Price: $2.00

Herbal Pillows
We've blended the healing powers of Mother Nature's herbs and stitched them into these Portable and beautiful Pillows. Our Herbal Potion Pillows can be heated or chilled to aid with a variety of ailments...from Insomnia to toothaches and everything in between. We offer 3 herbs, select one alone or blend them for your own remedy. More fabric and herb choices coming soon!
Price: $15.00

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.