Friday, July 24, 2009

Treat Yourself to a Mini-Vacation & Reduce Stress!

Treat Yourself to a Mini-Vacation & Reduce Stress!
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Most of us lead fairly hectic lives dealing with family, home, jobs, finances, etc. We could all use a little time to ourselves - i.e. a mini-vacation. There are several ways we can escape for our vacation.

Some of my favorites are listed below:

1. Nature Walk! Get out of the house and experience nature. Take a walk in the woods or through the park and note all the sounds of the birds and animals and even the wind. Close your eyes and let yourself get lost in the beautiful sounds of nature.

2. Exercise! Exercise is one of the best stress relievers there is. Walking, aerobics, dancing, or whatever form of exercise you choose has many more benefits also.

3. Read a Book! Escape to another time and place! When you are ready come back to your world.

4. Call a Friend! A stimulating conversation with a friend can erase a lot of stress. Better yet, if you can, go visit them for awhile.

5. Soak in the Tub! Although this is not one of my favorites, I know it helps a lot of people. Let the water wash away all the tension and stress!

6. Exercise your Mind! Do some crossword puzzles, play some Mahjong, or solve some riddles. Exercising your mind can be surprisingly relaxing!

7. Sneak Away with your Spouse! Find a private spot anywhere in the house or outside. Take some time to really talk and just enjoy the pleasure of each other's company.

8. Travel the World! Go to a nice quiet spot and let your mind wander to anywhere in the world. Daydream the stress away. You should also be taking some nice, deep cleansing breaths.

9. Stretch the Stress Away! Even if it is only for 10-15 minutes. Walk around the house, stretch your muscles, do a few neck and back stretches. These can do wonders!

10. Just relax! Turn everything off, make yourself a cup of coffee, cocoa, or just plain water. Just sit in complete silence and watch the birds outside or put a cool cloth over your eyes. Let your mind go blank for awhile. Forget everything and just relax!

11. Have some fun! Put on some of your favorite music and dance around the house for awhile. Let loose and have some fun. Act goofy, crazy or waltz yourself to China. This helps get out some of the frustrations and pent up emotions that can cause stress!

Some of the above methods are great for reducing stress. If you have something that works better for you, by all means, try to do it everyday! We all need to take more mini-vacations!

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